Our studio values are our commitment to you and what every student should experience;


We want every student to feel welcome at the studio, they should feel accepted, appreciated and at ease every time they walk through the door.


We are passionate about delivering personalised connections with students and parents. It's about helping each student feel confident and happy as we work together to discover the joy and LOVE of dance!


A good friend is there for you no matter what, doesn't judge you, doesn't put you down deliberately, is kind and respectful, is loyal, is trustworthy and willing to tell you the truth even when its hard to hear, makes you smile and is there to listen you can expect all of these qualities for the staff and students at R-Star Performers.


We are dedicated to developing each students skills in a way that we install a passion for dance that grows deeper and stronger every year.


You and your child deserve only the best and that is why we have qualified teachers, who deliver quality experiences all in quality time.

Emily G

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R-Star Performers a nuturing home where children flourish, friendships are made & dreams become reality

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Studio 143 Gipps Rd, Keiraville