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Fairy hello, and welcome to Fairy Dancing.


Below is a brief summary of the Fairy Dancing program we present in our magical classes. We are delighted you have chosen us to provide dancing lessons for your child. We aim to provide a fan-fairy-tastic experience for all those involved.


The Fairies is an internationally acclaimed preschool brand, with nine movies, 10 TV episodes (with more added every quarter) and over 200 songs available on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Spotify. It is adored by preschool girls and boys and is perfect for children to learn to dance with as the entire experience is made for little girls who love fairies, little boys who love elves, love music and love dancing.


The Fairy Dancing Program is unique, as it provides opportunities for children to immerse themselves in The Fairies experience, and to participate in a learning environment which uses music, movement, and dance to develop children’s cognitive, emotional and social needs.


The skills explored through the use of music, language and themes from ’The Fairies’, cover the key areas of core strength and gross motor skills development through activities focusing on coordination and balance, auditory skills, rhythm, counting and keeping time, and music interpretation. We are also encouraging the development of imagination and confidence, as well as cooperation and respect.


All of this is done in an age-appropriate manner and is delivered through a variety of activities and exercises targeting the age, and developmental level of each group.


Contemporary educational theory acknowledges the unique and powerful importance of music and movement for young children as a means of enhancing not only their physical but cognitive development in a number of areas, including the thought processes involved in mathematical and language skills. 


All teachers and assistants are aware of the unique needs of each age group and will at all times be supportive, and encouraging whilst helping children to learn and appreciate working in a group environment. 


We have a brand new theme every month, and every month students in Fairy Ones will learn one new dance from ‘The Fairies’, and students in Fairy Twos will learn two new songs. They will also sing and learn musical ‘stings’ to help them concentrate and regroup, along with shapes and colors, and movement-based exercises, activities and games to further develop their movement skills in a fun, fairy way. 


We will give you YouTube links so that your Fairy Dancer can practice her songs at home (which is great exercising!), and will give them coloring sheets and a certificate at the end of every month. We will email you a monthly newsletter with helpful tips and interesting stories, as well as strong food and fun food recipes from The Fairies.


All that, and they will love their lessons too! Thank you for choosing Fairy Dancing.



Fairy Dancing lessons are for children, not parents or carers! We have your contact details and if there are any problems, we will be in touch immediately. If you’re really worried your fairy child won’t be happy without you, please stay close by our dance studio entrance door, and we will come and get you if she is distressed. 


Remember children are far less likely to participate in an engaged manner if adults are present. Their ability to listen, cooperate, and gain full advantage of the opportunity to grow in confidence and within a peer group is seriously compromised when adults, other children, siblings, grandparents or carers are in the dance space. 


Should particular children require parental attendance for medical reasons, or due to other special needs, this can be negotiated on an individual basis with the teacher. Should you need to do this, please make a time to meet with your child’s teacher before the commencement of lessons. We would prefer the opportunity to negotiate strategies with you before your child’s first lesson so as to optimize their chances for success.

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